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Pistachio Bars

I’ll be honest, the inspiration for these bars is a pistachio and chocolate gelato I had in Italy. I absolutely loved those two flavors together and thought I need to make something when I get home that satisfies that craving. As much as I want to have gelato every day, I decided instead to make myself a snack that I can make in advance so I could have those flavors whenever I wanted. In my experience, these are well loved by both adults and kids and are perfect for grab and go lunches, on my way to a hike or even to satisfy a sweet tooth later in the day.


Fried Chicken Sandwich with Tangy Coleslaw and Spicy Aioli

Sometimes you just need a fried chicken sandwich and this one will not disappoint. The fried chicken is moist and tender from the yogurt and packs a little punch of heat along with the spicy aioli, all of which is cooled down with tangy, crunchy coleslaw. No need to head out of your house to satisfy this craving!

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